Past Selections



Artful Dodge 52/53

Nobody's City - Jeff Gundy



Artful Dodge 50/51 [cover]

An Interview with Rita Dove



Artful Dodge 48/49   [cover]

Translating Flowers That Don't have Names - Jeanne Larsen


Artful Dodge 46/47   [cover]

Three Bengali Women Poets of Kolkata - Carolyne Wright

Milaya - Kara Mason
"Balzac's Coffee," "Dante's Cafe," and Other Fictions - Mark Axelrod
Poems from Paintings: A Collaboration - Tess Gallagher and Josie Gray

Artful Dodge 44/45   [cover]

Calling the Snakes - Nin Andrews
The Sailors Without A Ship - Venus Khoury-Ghata
The Village Vampire - Eva Marie Ginsburg
Letter to my sister - Philip Metres
The Decoy - Daniel Tobin

Artful Dodge 42/43   [cover]

Unfolding - Jim Daniels
One Night Stand - Mang Ke
You Know What They Say About Pears - Robert Miltner
Deadly Nightshade - Lynne Sharon Schwartz
At the Department of Motor Vehicles - Thom Ward

Artful Dodge 40/41   [cover]

The Divisibility of Smells - Rosa Alice Branco
Naming It - Margaret Gibson
Six Selections from The Courtship Stories: Tales from the West of Ireland - Josie Gray & Tess Gallagher
The Last Offering - Olga Grushin
Not the Apochrypha - Joanne Lehman
The Red-Letter Words - Steven Reese
What Li Po Would Have Said of Jackie Chan Movies - Virgil Suarez

Artful Dodge 38/39   [cover]

Partners - Gu Cheng
I Was Watching The Bushes - Sándor Csoóri 
The Dogs of Bucharest - Tess Gallagher
Tilting Pagodas - Len Roberts
Artwork - T. Evan Schaeffer

Artful Dodge 36/37   [cover]

The Workbench of Lost Metaphors - Douglas Blazek
Exquisite Sonnets: Gulliver's Travels - Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton
You Become More Waxen - György Faludy

You Fell - Colin Hamilton
In the Desert - Bob Heman
Family Digest - Athena Kildegaard
Muddied Feet - Georgia Scott
The Student in Love - Manjushree Thapa

Artful Dodge 34/35   [cover]

This is So - Jan Frazier
Around the Corral - Gary Gildner
World Series - Eileen Hennessy
An Epic - John Kooistra
This Is the Book of Psalms That Made My Mother Dance - José Kozer 


Artful Dodge 32/33  [cover]

Sin - Mary M. Brown
Lemons - Jeff Gundy
Incense or Varnish - Philip Kobylarz
After a Photograph by Roy de Carava - Mark Sullivan
Tent Worms - Kathryn Youther


Artful Dodge 30/31  [cover]

Black Dress - Julia Kasdorf
Satire IV - Horace
Letter from New York - John McCrory
Poems from a Vanishing Language - John Smelcer
The Orchid Hunter - Stanislaw Eden-Tempski
Archaeology - Mary Tartir


Artful Dodge 28/29   [cover]

Cricket Mountain & Days of 1932 - Khaled Mattawa
What Cannot Be Weighed & Sitting Out in the Rain - Yannis Ritsos
Hey - Tim Seibles
Geology - Joel Brouwer
Locusts - Sarah Nawrocki


Artful Dodge 20/21

Parasites & Baptism of Solitude - Kathleen Lee







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